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an offer he can't refuse...

Maglor: *goes to see Lio at work*

Ecthelion: *going over the latest reports*

Maglor: *locks the door of his office as she enters and leans against it* Hey, honey.

Ecthelion: *looks up and smiles* Hi baby.

Maglor: I've decided you need a break.

Ecthelion: Well. *looks down at his work* I could take one, yes.

Maglor: Good boy. I was worried I'd have to convince you... *removes her cloak, revealing that she's only wearing a skimpy bit of lingerie underneath*

Ecthelion: OH. That kind of break, eh? *grins*

Maglor: *moves over to him, pushing him back so she can sit in his lap* If you want. I just wanted to make sure I was prepared in case I needed to truly distract you.

Ecthelion: *kisses* So. Something else in mind then?

Maglor: No. *returns his kiss* I just wanted to see you.

Ecthelion: Well, hi. *nuzzles* Where's Lit?

Maglor: Helping, if that's the word you would use, Glor at his bakery.

Ecthelion: *chuckles* For payment in cookies?

Maglor: She's getting a good education, learning to bake.

Ecthelion: Well, I hope she's having fun too.

Maglor: Well, Glor invited her after he came over the last time and baked with her. You sent him to watch us, didn't you? I am glad you didn't send one of your ...other guards instead.

Ecthelion: *nods* I thought Glor would be a good fit.

Maglor: Almost as good as you in me. Er. And. *slight smirk* I meant and...

Ecthelion: *chuckles* Trying to tell me something?

Maglor: Me? Never. *rests her head on his shoulder while running a hand over his chest, pauses* ...would you be offended, love, if I were to spend a day as a man again? Tomorrow, or the day after, maybe.

Ecthelion: *thoughtfully* I don't think I'd be offended, but.... can you tell me why?

Maglor: Well, you know I've been missing it... but Russa and I were talking and I want to see for myself if he was right about me.

Ecthelion: *frowns* Right?

Maglor: I need to know I'm the same person, male or female.

Ecthelion: Huh. Well. You know what I think - you're you, no matter which body you're in.

Maglor: I wish I had your faith in me. *nuzzles his cheek, whispers* How can I marry you without being sure all of me wants it? That's not fair to you.

Ecthelion: *nods* Okay. Then be a man for a day. But what about Lit?

Maglor: Well, she knows that I was a man... or maybe she could spend the day with you, at work?

Ecthelion: I think it might be a little hard on her, despite what she "knows."

Maglor: ...it could be a great time for her to spend a day with her grandparents?

Ecthelion: Or with me, or Glor. All are good options.

Maglor: I will hide it from her, if you think it's best. *would rather not have to, but*

Ecthelion: *picks up on this* Baby. This day is about something for you - for you to understand and learn about yourself, isn't it?

Maglor: It is. But I shouldn't have to hide because of it.

Ecthelion: Kana, I'm not saying you have to hide. But she's still a very young child. It's going to confuse her, no matter how smart she is. If you decide that you're going to stay a male, then we'll talk to her about how she's not going to have a nana anymore. But for one day, I'd rather not upset her.

Maglor: *nods* You're right, of course. Perhaps I'll time it so that I take the potion after she goes to bed and have her busy the whole next day and be female again to tuck her in that night...

Ecthelion: Not a bad idea. I can take her with me in the morning.

Maglor: I think she'd really like a whole day with you. I'm pretty sure you're her favourite person. *small smile*

Ecthelion: She can come to work with me for a bit, and then we'll do something fun.

Maglor: Will you be okay, workwise? I don't want to take you from something important.

Ecthelion: *nods* We'll spend some time here, and bring some toys and books for her. It should be fine.

Maglor: Good. Thank you. *kisses his neck*

Ecthelion: And what are you going to do in your day as a man?

Maglor: Go somewhere I can be completely alone so I can think.

Ecthelion: Lots to think about?

Maglor: Yes. *teases* Maybe I'll just think about you all day and... *gestures*

Ecthelion: *laughs* Now THERE'S a way to spend your day.

Maglor: Now, if I really wanted something like that, wouldn't it make more sense to ask someone else to take Lit and just keep you for myself? *tilts her head, pretends to think about it* ...Maybe we should... *grins*

Ecthelion: *grins* Here?

Maglor: Well. I -am- sitting here in my lingerie. It would be a shame to waste.

Ecthelion: And I noticed you locked the door. *smirks*

Maglor: That's just because I don't like sharing you.

Ecthelion: Then it's just me and you. *kisses*

Maglor: Exactly how I like it. *deepens the kiss, tugging him closer*

Ecthelion: *wraps his arms around her, pressing against her*

Maglor: *purrs softly* Didn't you once mention to me some sort of office fantasy...?

Ecthelion: *chuckles* I have all kinds of fantasies when it comes to you....

Maglor: As you should. *starts tugging at his shirt to take it off*

Ecthelion: *helps her, shrugging out if it, leans in to kiss*

Maglor: *nips at his lip* I have a good few about you, too, you know. *tosses his shirt out of their way and looks around the office to decide what she'd like to do*

Ecthelion: *starts helping her out of the lingerie she's wearing* You always have something in mind. *grins*

Maglor: I can't help it. You're so desirable. *trails a finger along his neck* A pretty wrapping with an absolutely beautiful gift inside.

Ecthelion: *grins and kisses her hard*

Maglor: *pushes him back against the chair* Easy, lover, we've got to get your pants off before you get too excited. *trails kisses along his chin, cheek, and neck anyway*

Ecthelion: *sits back to enjoy, stroking her hair back*

Maglor: *smiles at him and nuzzles his neck* Have I mentioned recently just how much I love you? I feel I should. *shifts, sliding down to kneel between his legs as she pulls his pants down* Because I do. A lot.

Ecthelion: *runs a finger down her cheek, as he looks down at her* I love you too.

Maglor: I know. You're good at saying it, unlike me. *kisses his thigh*

Ecthelion: *shivers* I admit, I like hearing it.

Maglor: *starts trailing more kisses along his thigh* I. *kiss* Love. *kiss* You.

Ecthelion: *sighs happily*

Maglor: *small smile, takes him into her mouth*

Ecthelion: *arches up* Ahh...

Maglor: *massages his thighs* I'm going to make you scream so loud your men will be asking about it for a week. *starts working on carrying out that "threat"*

Ecthelion: *softly* Oh... very good plan....

Maglor: *laughs and pulls her hair out of the way as she continues, paying special attention to Lio's most sensitive areas*

Ecthelion: *quite enjoying the attention*

Maglor: *pauses for a moment, stroking him slowly with her hand* Maybe next time you have a meeting, I can hide under your desk and do this for you? *smirks*

Ecthelion: *grins* I'd never want the meeting to end....

Maglor: There's a little exhibitionist in you, isn't there, lover? *takes him deep into her mouth once more*

Ecthelion: Not so much.... just.... love it when you do that.

Maglor: *nods slightly, but doesn't stop since he loves it so*

Ecthelion: *quite appreciates that, arching up into her mouth and groaning*

Maglor: *grasps his hips firmly, does her best to drive him wild*

Ecthelion: *she's doing very well; pants* Kana....

Maglor: *looks up at him sweetly* Yes? *licks teasingly gently*

Ecthelion: I'm getting....close.

Maglor: Well, if you come like a good boy, I'll let you fuck me next. *gives him that certain look as she again uses her talented mouth on him*

Ecthelion: *groans again* Ah, fuck....*comes hard, bucking his hips up*

Maglor: Mmn... *takes him, licking him clean as he finishes and rests her cheek against his thigh to let him recover a little*

Ecthelion: *pants and strokes her hair*

Maglor: *shifts up, settling herself into his lap again* Why do I get the feeling you really needed that?

Ecthelion: *kisses her* Because I did....

Maglor: Happy to be of service, then.

Ecthelion: *grins and fondles her breasts* Thank you...

Maglor: *moves into his touch* Such an easy thing to do for you, love.

Ecthelion: *bends his head to nuzzle and kiss her neck*

Maglor: My love. *sighs and strokes his hair* My dearest Ecthelion, how I need you.

Ecthelion: *slides a hand down to caress her, while kissing and licking her breasts* I need you too, love....

Maglor: *small gasp* I didn't mean... but that's good, too.

Ecthelion: *looks up at her, locking eyes* I know what you meant.

Maglor: *nods, not looking away though she wonders how much he can read*

Ecthelion: *shakes his head* Don't underestimate me so much, baby. *kisses again*

Maglor: *softly* I'm sorry. *kisses the side of his mouth and rests her forehead against his temple*

Ecthelion: *continues to fondle and caress her, kissing her face* I -love- you.

Maglor: Far more than I deserve. *catches his mouth to kiss him deeply*

Ecthelion: *licks into the kiss, moaning softly*

Maglor: *sighs, kissing along his neck and nibbling his ear softly, whispers* You're so good, so pure, the best man I know.

Ecthelion: I am hardly that good....*thumbs her nipple*

Maglor: You are. *moans* A shining... shining example for all elvenkind. Plus you have that fantastic magic touch.

Ecthelion: *licks her* You're giving me a huge ego, baby...

Maglor: Good. *laughs* It goes well with your huge... *smirks* talent.

Ecthelion: *laughs too, continuing to kiss and fondle and generally make her crazy*

Maglor: Stop, Lio. *bites her lip, with a half smile* Wait. Maybe I mean more? You're driving me mad.

Ecthelion: *grins* Kind of the point, baby...

Maglor: Well, I guess I do like -your- point. *shifts against him*

Ecthelion: *kisses and tugs at her her panties* Did you need more?

Maglor: No, though I do want it.

Ecthelion: Well. Whatever you want then.

Maglor: You. *nods, kissing his nose* I crave you nearly constantly, it's maddening.

Ecthelion: *shifts her on his lap, so he is positioned to enter her*

Maglor: *nuzzles her cheek against his neck, pressing down against him* Make love to me, Lio.

Ecthelion: Gladly. *arches up into her, sighing*

Maglor: *releases a ragged breath against his skin* Valar, that's nice. *gently rocks her hips against him*

Ecthelion: *strokes her cheek, moving slowly in her* Very nice.

Maglor: *rests her forehead on his, looking into his eyes* Let's just do this forever.

Ecthelion: *smiles* I can do that...

Maglor: Good. *kisses* I want to forget everything that isn't you.

Ecthelion: *kisses back, just holding her close, still inside her*

Maglor: *happy sigh* I have a dilemma, honey. Do I ask you to move so we can enjoy ourselves that way, or do we just stay like this and enjoy being in love?

Ecthelion: *smiles, kisses again* I'm kind of enjoying just staying like this.

Maglor: Me too. It's like... you're a part of me. *runs her hands over his shoulders*

Ecthelion: *seriously* I am, you know. Forever.

Maglor: *just as seriously* That's why I've decided to marry you.

Ecthelion: *stares at her* Really..

Maglor: I wasn't just saying that, before. I really have changed my mind about it.

Ecthelion: *kisses her hard* I'm glad.

Maglor: *kisses back* I haven't officially asked you yet, though. I... nana says I should ask ada's permission... but...

Ecthelion: *grins* Didn't I already ask you?

Maglor: Good. You can ask ada's permission, then. I don't want to talk to him right now.

Ecthelion: *nods* I shall. *kisses her again*

Maglor: *smiles* Have I just unintentionally made your day?

Ecthelion: *strokes her hair back from her face* You have made me very happy, yes.

Maglor: *nuzzles his hand* We can discuss details later.

Ecthelion: *chuckles* Now might be an inconvenient time to make out the invitation list, I suppose...

Maglor: You need a date, first.

Ecthelion: *makes as if to move for his calendar, teasing* Shall we pick one? *thrusts up a bit* Or finish what we started?

Maglor: *gasps* Finish first, or I'm calling the whole thing off.

Ecthelion: *laughs and begins thrusting in earnest* Not that!

Maglor: I'll just keep you on as my sex slave. *shuts her eyes, throwing her head back as she pushes against him*

Ecthelion: *grins and kisses her neck, moving deep within her*

Maglor: Oh, Lio, Lio. I love the way you do that.

Ecthelion: *groans* Feels so good, baby...

Maglor: It's because we're meant to be together. *bites down on his neck, sucking*

Ecthelion: Oh, eru....*pants and thrusts harder and faster*

Maglor: *hisses against his neck, her body starting to tremble* So perfect, honey. Just... a little more.

Ecthelion: *clutches her hips with one hand and slides the other down to rub her* There....

Maglor: Oh... fuck. *cries out loudly* Lio!

Ecthelion: *gasps as he feels her clench around him* Yes, baby... *thrusts up one last time and shudders in ecstasy*

Maglor: Nnh. *whimpers, resting against him*

Ecthelion: *holds her tight, panting* Oh....

Maglor: So good. *lightly strokes his neck*

Ecthelion: Mmm, as always.

Maglor: You -are- rather talented.

Ecthelion: *grins, still breathless* So I've heard...

Maglor: *lays her head on his shoulder* And all mine.

Ecthelion: As you are mine.

Maglor: Lucky you.

Ecthelion: *grins* Very lucky me, yes.

Maglor: I've also decided that you won't be doing any more work today.

Ecthelion: *smirks* Oh, what will I be doing?

Maglor: *takes his hand* We're going to pick up Lit and go home and spend the rest of the night snuggled near our hearth with our daughter, deciding on preliminary wedding plans. *kisses his palm*

Ecthelion: *looks for a moment at all the work piled up on his desk, then shakes his head* Okay, baby. I'd love to.

Maglor: I can help you catch up with work later, if you need to. *starts kissing his fingers, one by one*

Ecthelion: *smiles at her* My beautiful girl....

Maglor: Not a... *pauses, remembers what Mae said, tries to just smile instead*

Ecthelion: *kisses her* I know. I'm sorry.

Maglor: I love you anyway.

Ecthelion: Thank the valar.

Maglor: *nuzzles* Indeed. And, much as I love you naked, we should dress if we wish to go.

Ecthelion: Good idea. *starts gathering his clothes*

Maglor: *stretches lazily as she fetches hers* Should we pick up some sort of dinner on the way home, as well?

Ecthelion: *finishes dressing* Yes, I think we've both worked up an appetite....

Maglor: But poor Lit has been with Glor all afternoon, he's probably stuffed her full of cookies.

Ecthelion: *grins* You and I can still eat.

Maglor: We'll get enough that she can eat if she's hungry. *pulls her cloak on and goes to take his arm* Come, love.

Ecthelion: *goes with her*
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